Top Wing is a Canadian computer-animated television series created by Matthew Fernandes of Industrial Brothers and produced by Industrial Brothers, 9 Story Media Group and Nickelodeon Productions. It premiered on Nickelodeon in the United States on November 6, 2017, and debuted on Treehouse in Canada on January 6, 2018. In the UK, the main cast's voices are dubbed with British voice actors, replacing their original Canadian voices.

On May 22, 2018, it was announced that the series will renewed for a second season by Nickelodeon, which premiered on March 1, 2019. As of September 2019, new episodes moved to the Nick Jr. TV channel.

Brazilian Portuguese Edit

Title: Top Wing

Release dates:

  • May 5, 2018 - Nickelodeon, Nick Jr.
  • 2019 - SBT
  • 2020 - TV Cultura

Director: Lene Bastos

Translator: Larissa Franco da Silva

Studio: Centauro Comunicaciones do Brasil

Original Dubbed Dubber
Swift Swift Gabriel Martins
Rod Rod Felipe Volpato
Brody Brody Marina Santana
Penny Penny Flávia Narciso
Speedy Speedy Douglas Guedes
Bea Bea Kate Kelly

British English Edit

Title: Top Wing

Release date: May 5, 2018

Latin Spanish Edit

Title: Top Wing

Release date: 2018

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