Steven Universe is a series created by Rebecca Sugar. The series was released in U.S.A in November 4th 2013. This is the first Cartoon Network series created by a woman.

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Name Actor
Steven Universe Zach Callison
Pearl Deedee Magno
Garnet Estelle
Amethist Michaela Dietz
Secundary Characters
Name Actor
Connie Maheswaran Grace Rolek
Greg Universe / DeMayo Tom Scharpling
Laramie "Lars"
Sadie Miller Kate Micucci
Lion Dee Bradley Baker
Crystal Gems
Name Actor
Peridot Shelby Rabara
Lapis Lazuli Jennifer Paz
Rose Quartz / Pink Diamond Susan Egan
Ruby Charlyne Yi
Sapphire Erica Luttrell
Bismuth Uzo Aduba
Pumpkin Zach Callison

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Title: Steven Universe

Name Voice
Original Dubbed Speaking Singing
Steven Universe Leisha Medina
Pearl Perla María José Estévez
Garnet Rocío Mallo
Amethist Amatista
Secundary Characters/

Personajes Secundarios

Name Voice
Original Dubbed Speaking Singing
Connie Maheswaran Yasmil López
Greg Universe/ Greg DeMayo Henrique Palacios
Laramie "Lars" Ángel Lugo (in both young and teen Lars) No one
Sadie Miller
Lion León No one
Crystal Gems/ Las Gemas de Cristal
Name Voice
Original Dubbed Speaking Singing
Lapis Lazuli Lapislázuli Andrea Navas
Rose Quartz/ Pink Diamond Rose Cuarzo/ Diamante Rosa Maythe Guedes
Ruby Rubí Judith Noguera
Sapphire Zafiro Arelys González
Bismuth Bismuto No one
  • Pumpkin
  • One time is called "Calabaza"
Leisha Medina

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  • The actress Stefani Villarroel did not assist to the recording of some songs and the shorts and she was remplaced by Leisha Medina, Andrea Navas, Mayela Pérez Ferrer and Gabriela Belén in the shorts.

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