Riverdale is a TV series developed by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Greg Berlanti, based on the comics of Archie created by John L. Goldwater. It's produced by Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The series is transmitted by CW.

English Edit

Name Actor/Actress
Archibald "Archie" Andrews K.J. Apa
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper Lili Reinhart
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper (young) Eden Summer Gilmore
Veronica "Ronnie" Lodge Camila Mendes
Forsythe "Jughead" Jones III Cole Sprouse
Kevin Keller Casey Cott
Cheryl Blossom Madelaine Petsch
Josephine "Josie" McCoy Ashleigh Murray
Hermione Lodge Marisol Nichols
Hermione Lodge (young) Camila Mendes
Fred Andrews Luke Perry
Fred Andrews (young) K.J. Apa
Alice Cooper Mädchen Amick
Alice Cooper (young) Lili Reinhart
Forsythe Pendleton "FP" Jones Skeet Ulrich
Forsythe Pendleton "FP" Jones (young) Cole Sprouse
Hiram Lodge Mark Consuelos
Hiram Lodge (young) Michael Consuelos
Polly Cooper Tiera Skovbye
Polly Cooper (young) Kadence Kendall Roach

Brazilian Portuguese Edit

Castilian Spanish Edit

Name V.A (Voice Actor)
Original Localized Name
Archibald "Archie" Andrews Javier Lorca
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper Laura Pastor
Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper (young) Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper (joven)
Veronica "Ronnie" Lodge Vera Bosch
Forsythe "Jughead" Jones III Adrián Viador
Kevin Keller Álvaro Ramos Toajas
Cheryl Blossom Blanca (Neri) Hualde
Josephine "Josie" McCoy Anahí De La Fuente
Hermione Lodge Conchi López
Hermione Lodge (young) Hermione Lodge (joven) Vera Bosch
Fred Andrews Gabriel Jiménez
Fred Andrews (young) Fred Andrews (joven) Javier Lorca
Alice Cooper Gemma Martín
Alice Cooper (young) Alice Cooper (joven) Laura Pastor
Forsythe Pendleton "FP" Jones Roberto Encinas
Forsythe Pendleton "FP" Jones (young) Forsythe Pendleton "FP" Jones (joven) Adrián Viador
Hiram Lodge Iván Muelas
Hiram Lodge (young) Hiram Lodge (joven) ???
Polly Cooper María Blanco
Polly Cooper (young) Polly Cooper (joven)

Other Info Edit

  • The songs from the musical episodes are dubbed but the rest are left in English.
  • The episodes 17, 18, 19 from the season 4 dont have a dub yet.

French Edit

German Edit

Title: Riverdale

Name V.A (Voice Actor)
Original Localized Name
Archie Andrews Constantin von Jascheroff
Betty Cooper Jodie Blank
Veronica Lodge Anita Hopt (seasons 1-2)
Alice Bauer (season 3 onwards)
Jughead Jones Dirk Petrick
Cheryl Blossom Magdalena Turba (season 1)
Victoria Frenz (season 2 onwards)
Hermione Lodge Antje von der Ahe
Josie McCoy Giovanna Winterfeldt (seasons 1-2)
Kaya Marie Möller (s.02 eps.1-2)
Maximiliane Häcke (season 3 onwards)
Hiram Lodge Marios Gavrilis
Nico Mamone (s.03 ep.14)
Kevin Keller David Turba
FP Jones Charles Rettinghaus
Mario von Jascheroff (s.01 ep.12)
Reggie Mantle Nico Sablik
Toni Topaz Peggy Pollow

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