Ricardo Darín (Spanish pronunciation: [riˈkaɾðo ðaˈɾin]; born January 16, 1957) is an Argentine actor, screenwriter and film director, widely considered as one of the best and most prolific actors of Argentine cinema.

Filmography by dubbing actor[edit | edit source]

Year Movie Role French German Italian Japanese Spanish
France Germany Italia Japan Mexico
2015 Truman Julián ??? Oliver Siebeck Paolo Marchese ??? ???
2014 Wild Tales Simón Fischer Sakagutake Takayuki
2013 Thesis on a homicide Roberto Bermúdez ??? ??? ??? Sebastian Llapur
2012 A Gun in Each Hand G Oliver Siebeck ???
2012 White Elephant Julián ??? Sebastian Llapur
2011 Chinese Take-Away Roberto Oliver Siebeck Paolo Marchese
2010 Carancho Sosa ??? ???
2009 The Secret in Their Eyes Benjamín Espósito Martin Umbach Paolo Marchese Sanyo Takayuki ???
2007 XXY Néstor Kraken Paul Borne Ekkehardt Belle ???
2001 Son of the Bride Rafael Belvedere ??? ??? Roberto Pedicini
2000 Nine Queens Marcos Gabriel Le Doze Francesco Pannofino
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