Marvin the Tap-Dancing Horse is an animated television series.

English[edit | edit source]

Name Dubber
Marvin Ron Pardo
Eddy Largo Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin
Elizabeth the Emotional Pig Sheila McCarthy
Diamonds the Elephant Fiona Reid
Edna Robin Duke
Jack Dwayne Hill
Lyman Slime Rummy Bishop
Lulabelle Rose Stacey DePass

French[edit | edit source]

Title: Edouard et Martin

Release date: September 30, 2000

French version: MADE IN EUROPE

French adaptation: Lionel Seillier


Original Dubbed Dubber
Marvin Martin Frédéric Meaux
??? Bengale Patrick Descamps
??? Elisabeth Alice Ley
??? Zelda Carole Baillien
??? Perle Nicole Shirrer
Edna Eddy Stéphane Flamand
Jack Jack Jean-Paul Clerbois

German[edit | edit source]

Title: Marvin, das steppende Pferd

Hungarian[edit | edit source]

Title: Marvin, a táncoslábú ló

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