Licence to Kill is a 1989 British spy film, the 16th in the James Bond film series produced by Eon Productions, and the last to star Timothy Dalton in the role of the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. It is the first one not to use the title of an Ian Fleming story. It is also the fifth and final consecutive Bond film to be directed by John Glen. The story has elements of two Ian Fleming short stories and a novel, interwoven with aspects from Japanese Rōnin tales. The film sees Bond being suspended from MI6 as he pursues drugs lord Franz Sanchez, who has ordered an attack against his CIA friend Felix Leiter and the rape and murder of Felix's wife during their honeymoon. Originally titled Licence Revoked in line with the plot, the name was changed during post-production due to American test audiences associating the term with driving.


Name Actor
James Bond Timothy Dalton
Franz Sanchez Robert Davi
Pam Bouvier Carey Lowell
Lupe Lamora Talisa Soto
Milton Krest Anthony Zerbe
Sharkey Frank McRae
Felix Leiter David Hedison
Della Churchill Priscilla Barnes
Profesor Joe Butcher Wayne Newton
Dario Benicio del Toro
Truman-Lodge Anthony Starke
Kwang Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
M Robert Brown
Q Desmond Llewelyn
Moneypenny Caroline Bliss
Ed Killifer Everett McGill
Hawkins Grand L. Bush
Heller Don Stroud
Montelongo Claudio Brook
Agente de Ticket Teresa Blake

Latin SpanishEdit

Recording date: 1990's

Studio: Intersound (Los Angeles)

Director: Roberto Alexander

Name Actor de doblaje
James Bond Antonio Farré
Franz Sanchez Jorge García
Pam Bouvier Marcela Bordes
Lupe Lamora Rebeca Rambal
Milton Krest Willy Brand
Sharkey Juan Cuadra
Felix Leiter Rubén Trujillo
Della Churchill Fabiola Stevenson
Profesor Joe Butcher Javier Pontón
Dario Leonardo Araujo
Truman-Lodge Demián Bichir
Kwang Rubén Trujillo
M Alejandro Abdalah
Q Roberto Alexander
Moneypenny Amparo Brown
Ed Killifer Roberto Alexander
Hawkins Javier Pontón
Heller Héctor Alvarado
Montelongo Guillermo Romano
Agente de Ticket Gladys Parra
Narration Javier Pontón

Voces adicionalesEdit

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