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Kristina Krepela is a Croatian actress, the best known for her roles in movies La Femme Musketeer and The Hunting Party and in telenovela Ne daj se, Nina, the Croatian version of Ugly Betty.


Animated Movies:[]

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She trained on the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Her first role was a not so small one in the short Leptir (Butterfly).

In 2004 she played Spanish Infanta Maria Theresa in Hallmark Channel television movie La Femme Musketeer.

When she returned to Zagreb in 2005, she played Ivana in a telenovela Ljubav u zaledju (Love in the Offside).

In 2007, she had a little appearance in the movie The Hunting Party. She also has played Barbara in Croatian version of Ugly Betty, Ne daj se, Nina (Don't Give Up, Nina) since October 2007 and unknown woman in Game of Thrones.

She was a judge at the Libertas Film Festival in Dubrovnik, Croatia in 2008.