Katarzyna Łaska is a Polish singer and actress.

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Katarzyna Łaska played the main role of Kim in Miss Saigon musical among the others in Roma Musical Theater. She also played in Fame and Chicago musicals in Komedia Theater in Warsaw and Maria in West Side Story in Capitol Musical Theater in Wrocław.

She cooperated with Jon Lord from 2008 to 2012, singing as the main singer in Concerto for Group and Orchestra in Poland, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Brazil, the UK, Russia and Hungary among the others. Jon Lord's last album Concerto for Group and Orchestra was released in 2012 and was recorded in Abbey Road Studio in London, where Katarzyna Łaska sung with Bruce Dickinson, Guy Pratt, Steve Morse, Joe Bonamassa and Steve Balsamo.

Her first single, For my love, was released in November 2013, as a part of her solo project, SIRLI.

She gave birth to Henryk, her son in April 2016.

She appeared in the Polish version of Your Face Sounds Familiar, Twoja twarz brzmi znajomo, invited by Krzysztof Antkowiak.

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