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The Wiki needs your help!
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The Re-Grow International Dubbing Wiki Project is a project arranged by Imjustthere and approved by the founder, AnnaElzaJ. The project was invented to help the Wiki grow further. Welcome to the page about the project, let us explain what the project will be about.

Project[edit | edit source]

This Wiki was unfortunately a victim of the infamous Dubbing Wiki's spammer, who will remain nameless to prevent slander. After this, way to many stub's were created for a small number of users, thus, one of the user's mentioned earlier decided to partner with the Wiki's founder to create this project. We will fix up the stub's, add more complete pages and completely make this community a better place for us!

Project Rules[edit | edit source]

Click Here To View The Rules![edit | edit source]

How YOU Can Help![edit | edit source]

If you need help, ask the founder as she's the head user. She has the rules set and will answer your questions when she can. As mentioned before, we have a large collection of Stubs and incomplete articles. It would be amazing to help us clean them up, if you find a stub you can either clean it up or add the stub template to notify us of what needs cleaning, same goes for incomplete articles. You can also create a page, but make sure it's complete.

Thank you for joining the re-construction program, please help and have fun!

Current Progress & Future Ideas[edit | edit source]

Progress[edit | edit source]

  • New pages have been added
  • Some more stubs have been found and cleaned up
  • Some pages have been expanded
  • Pages have gotten more content and more and more pages have been added to categories

Future Ideas[edit | edit source]

  1. Adding featured articles every month or week
  2. Adding Wiki staff/maintinence (Admins, Mods, Bureaucrats, Rollbacks etc.)
  3. Blocking the many alt accounts by spammers
  4. International Dubbing Wiki Awards (Users get to pick their favorite page for within a category such as "favorite character", "favorite dubber" etc.)
  5. Theme update (changing the color, adding a wordmark, header graphic or favicon and customizing navigation)
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