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International Dubbing Wiki is the place for anybody interested in dubbing. You can discover info about any Dubber, Dubbing or Dub. Learn about Singers, Actors/Actresses, general Dubbers that have all had their place in the dubbing world. Not only that, but you can also find information on songs, characters and basically anything you think of when you think Dubbing. Since 2017 we've made 3,834 pages with 64,880 edits, and with your help that number could increase!

For those who are looking for more info about the types of pages, how about visiting the most popular pages relating to these topics:
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To explain what this wiki is about in short, International Dubbing Wiki Is a wiki about dubs from different countries: casts, dubbers etc. Help if you can, please :) Before adding info make sure it's correct and typo free (for example do names have accented letters they should have). Also, if you post cast in a table please use one cell per one character and respective dubber.

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