Gisela Lladó Cánovas is a Spanish singer-songwiter and actress.

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She became famous after placing 8th in the first Spanish edition of Operación Triunfo. Before the start of Operación Triunfo, she studied journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.She was chosen as the Andorran representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, with the song Casanova, but the song failed to reach the final as it ended up in the 16th of the semi-final contest.

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Live performances[edit | edit source]


Suéltalo - Gisela, Rollerland Badalona


Gisela - ¡Suéltalo! (Let It Go) - En vivo en el Teatro Borràs de BCN


TV3 - Oh Happy Day - Amarcord & Gisela - Vol volar

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