E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is a 1982 American science fiction film co-produced and directed by Steven Spielberg, and written by Melissa Mathison. It features special effects by Carlo Rambaldi and Dennis Muren, and stars Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Peter Coyote, Robert MacNaughton, Drew Barrymore and Pat Welsh. It tells the story of Elliott (Thomas), a lonely boy who befriends an extraterrestrial, dubbed "E.T.", who is stranded on Earth. Elliott and his siblings help E.T. return to his home planet, while attempting to keep him hidden from their mother and the government.

English Edit

Name Actor
Elliott Henry Thomas
E.T. Pat Welsh
Mary Dee Wallace
Michael Robert MacNaughton
Gertie Drew Barrymore
Keys Peter Coyote
Greg K.C. Martel
Steve Sean Frye
Tyler C. Thomas Howell
Professor Richard Swingler
Medical David Berkson
Police Frank Toth

Latin Spanish Edit

Recording date: 2002 (redub)


Name Dubber
Original Redub
Elliott Adolfo Madera Marco Portillo
E.T. Héctor Lee
Mary ¿? Verónica López Treviño
Michael ¿? Enzo Fortuny
Gertie Cony Madera Fernanda Salazar
Keys Jesse Conde Carlos Segundo
Greg Eduardo Tejedo Héctor Emmanuel Gómez Gil
Steve ¿? Moisés Iván Mora
Tyler ¿? Irwin Daayán
Profesor ¿? Gabriel Pingarrón
Médico ¿? José Lavat
Policía Eduardo Borja Roberto Mendiola

Additional voices (Original)Edit

Additional voices (Redub)Edit

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