Chinese Take-Away (Spanish: "Un cuento chino") is a 2011 Argentine comedy film written and directed by Sebastián Borensztein. The film was the highest grossing non-US film in Argentina in 2011.

Original (Argentine Spanish) Edit

Name Actor
Roberto Ricardo Darín
Enric Cambray (young)
Mari Muriel Santa Ana
Jun Ignacio Huang
Leonel Iván Romanelli
Rosa Vivian El Jaber

German Edit

Name Dubber
Roberto Oliver Siebeck

Italian Edit

Name Dubber
Roberto Paolo Marchese
N/A (young)
Mari Claudia Catani
Jun N/A
Leonel Luigi Ferraro
Rosa Angela Brusa

Latin Spanish (Neutral) Edit

Recording date: January, 2013



Roberto Sebastián Llapur
N/A (young)
Mari Claudia Contreras
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