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​كارمن سليمان / Carmen Suleiman is an Egyptian singer.



  • 2013 - Frozen - Anna, rejected because of her acting and replaced by شروق صلاح / Shorouq Salah


She won the 1st Egyptian Idol on March 24, 2012. She released her first single Kalam Kalam on March 4, 2013 and became a hit. She released her first album in January 2014. Carmen followed with numerous hit singles, including Akhbari and Azama Ala Azama, a trio with fellow Idol contestants, Dounia Batma and Youssef Arafat.

Carmen was given the award of Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt for the best voice sub-16 years old. Hani Shaker, an Egyptian singer, introduced her in his concert in Opera House in Egypt and expressed his admiration of her voice.