Blowing Wild is a 1953 American drama film directed by Hugo Fregonese and starring Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck and Anthony Quinn. It was written by Philip Yordan. The story revolves around a love triangle set in Mexico's oilfields, where bandits are still active. Ruth Roman also stars and adds to the romantic entanglements.

Original Edit

Name Actor
Jeff Dawson Gary Cooper
Marina Conway Barbara Stanwyck
Sal Donnelly Ruth Roman
Ward "Paco" Conway Anthony Quinn
Dutch Peterson Ward Bond

Castilian Spanish Edit

Recoding date:

  • 1954 (original dub)
  • 1989 (redub)
Name Dubber
Original Redub
Jeff Dawson Felipe Peña Camilo García
Marina Conway Maribel Casals María Luisa Solá
Sal Donnelly Carmen Lombarte María Dolores Gispert
Ward "Paco" Conway  ??? Abel Folk
Dutch Peterson Emilio Sancho Pepe Mediavilla

European French Edit

Name Dubber
Jeff Dawson Jean Martinelli
Marina Conway Lita Recio
Sal Donnelly Jacqueline Ferriere
Ward "Paco" Conway Jean Clarieux
Dutch Peterson Albert Montigny
Jackson Roland Menard
Henderson Robert Dalban
El Gavilan Jean Brochard
Inspector Ramirez Jean-Henri Chambois

Italian Edit

Name Dubber
Jeff Dawson Emilio Cigoli
Marina Conway Lydia Simoneschi
Sal Donnelly Rosetta Calavetta
Ward "Paco" Conway Mario Pisu
Dutch Peterson Cesare Polacco
Jackson Nino Pavese
Henderson Carlo Romano
El Gavilan Mario Besesti
Inspector Ramirez Giorgio Capecchi
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