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Ana Esther "Anuska" Alborg García is a Spanish dubber, singer, and TV Presenter

Professional Background

She began her professional career at the age of 9 thanks to her mother Ana Ángeles García, a renowned voice actress. Her first works are advertising jingles for Famosa and various children's products and dubbing of small roles in movies and series that she no longer remembers. In 1999, she marked a milestone in her fledgling career when she dubbed Mena Suvari in the famous “American Beauty” ... and from that moment until today, her work continues to be linked to the world of voice acting in series, movies , advertising phrases, drawings, video games, documentaries etc. She has also voiced a great number of actors such as Bryce Dallas Howard, Elliot Page, Hayley Atwell or Emily Blunt.


Animated Movies:

Idina Menzel


Animated Shorts:

Idina Menzel

Animated Series:

Live-Action Movies:

Live-Action Series:

  • 2008 - Imagination Movers - Nina