Ágústa Eva ERLENDSDÓTTIR-IRETA DE ALBA (née ERLENDSDÓTTIR) is an Icelandic singer and actress.

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She was a member of bands Kritikal Mazz and Ske and began her solo career in 2005. She studied acting in École Philippe Gaulier, a theater school in Paris and got the Edda Award 2005 for best TV personality of the year and for the best TV show. Ágústa Eva was voted the sexiest woman in Iceland as her character Silvia Night by the listeners of the national radio station RUV, and herself wound up in 4th place. She played Eva Lind in the film Jar City (2006), Audur in Country Wedding (2007) and young Bjarnfreður in Bjarnfreðarson (2009). She also performed in the Best Party's promo.

She married a Mexican singer and actor Héctor Cuevas Ireta de Alba on April 27, 2016.

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Let it go (þetta er nóg) - Icelandic LIVE

Let it go (þetta er nóg) - Icelandic LIVE

Frozen Let it go LIVE, Icelandic

Frozen Let it go LIVE, Icelandic. (Agusta Eva)

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